darinka blagaj

Prophetic painting  "Infrastructure"  2016-2017  Oil on Size:  153cm x 152.5cm

Oil on canvas,


There are works of art which belong to the collective of Humanity.

They are portals.

These artworks nurture us, enlighten us and inspire us to feel our inner connection to life and our eternal being.

They gift us with relief, and feelings of unity. Feelings of "oneness" and inner joy.

They are Prophecy paintings - the artist creates them without agenda and not knowing who is in the painting or why. Sometimes these people, places or experiences are revealed in this time space reality up to 20 years after they were painted.

t h e r e ' s    m o r e    t o     t h e    p i c t u r e . . .    w h e n    i t    m e e t s    your   e y e